#BB10: This will be this week’s luxury budget task!

And the task is very interesting.

Yesterday, we saw the very emotional and the last nomination task in the Bigg Boss house, the outcome of which was Monalisa’s nomination. Rohan Mehra and Monalisa, have been nominated for this week.

But the next task that the contestants will be assigned, will be a fun filled one. The luxury budget task for this week is really entertaining. Also, this task has been seen in the previous seasons of the show.

This time’s luxury budget task requires the contestants to pick up their luxury budget, that has been kept on a table with their mouth and pass them the same way, to the contestant standing next to them.

The contestant standing at the end of the line will then have to drop off the item on another table. In a specific amount of time given to them, the contestants have to transfer the maximum number of items from one table to another.

This task is sure to be a fun-filled task filled with lots of fun and light-hearted moments.
Also, the show will soon be witnessing happy moments with the wedding of Monalisa and Vikrant Singh Rajpoot.

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