BB 10 update: Housemates get zero luxury budget points; courtesy… Swami Om

We are back with another update from the house of Bigg Boss 10 (Colors and Endemol).
After two days of the luxury budget task BB Democracy, Bigg Boss finally concludes it and lifts all the bans, making the housemates extremely happy.
Bigg Boss appreciates everyone’s efforts but informs them that they are getting zero luxury budget points in their account because of Om Swami and Rahul breaking the rules.
He further adds that Swami and Rahul were supposed to stay together tied with a bandhan but they had the audacity to break the rules.
The housemates will be seen extremely disappointed with Om Swami and request Bigg Boss to eliminate him from the luxury budget process.
They say that they can’t afford to lose luxury budget every time because of him. Swami Om, on the other hand, remains unaffected by everyone’s comments.
Watch this luxury drama in tonight’s episode!

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