Ashi Singh to take lessons from her best friend’s wedding

MUMBAI: For an actor every experience counts, you never know which emotion comes in handy. Something similar has happened with actress Ashi Singh.

Ashi is currently seen in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai. She plays the role of Naina in the show. She is seen opposite Randeep Rai, who plays the role of Sameer, and their on-screen chemistry is loved by the viewers of the show.

The current track of the TV series revolves around Sameer and Naina’s wedding. Interestingly, Ashi’s best friend is also set to get married, in real life. So, Ashi didn’t want to miss her friend’s wedding. Firstly, because it’s her best friend’s wedding, and secondly, because she wanted to understand how it feels when someone is about to tie the knot.

Speaking about the same, the actress said to a leading publication, “My best friend is about to get married. Incidentally, her wedding falls during the peak period of Sameer and Naina’s on-screen wedding and I offered to shoot overtime and complete my portions before I head to Bhopal for my friend’s big day. I share a very special bond with her and it would have been unfair if I didn’t show up. Also, we both understand each other pretty well and I believe this would be a learning ground for me where I can understand how one feels while getting married and bring the same emotions to life for my on-screen wedding. We also have been laughing over the fact that both of us are getting married at the same time and the only difference is that mine is for the reel and her’s is the real deal.”

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