What! Soumya to get engaged to Sameer in Colors’ Shakti

Colors’ show Shakti is becoming more interesting with each passing episode.

As we know, Shanno and Saya speculate that Soumya is dead. However, Saya enforces that she cannot die because Harman is alive. During a discussion amidst the family, Saya blames Harak Singh. She says that he has probably done something to Soumya, but Harak defends himself saying that he still has humanity in him. Harman, meanwhile, puts his foot down and states that he does not care about anything and wants his gulabo back.

As the episodes progress, it will be seen that Soumya is very much alive. Much to Harman’s shock, she is getting engaged to Sameer. It would be interesting to see how Harman reacts to this situation now and wins Soumya back.

Keep reading this space for more updates.

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