Synopsis Day 17: Apart from a volcanic eruption, tempers and arguments create animosity within housemates

MUMBAI: Luxury never comes easy, one needs to work hard for it! Similarly, Bigg Boss has no intentions of giving the housemates an easy way out, especially when it comes to the budget that can help meet their requirements. With the culmination of a challenging nomination task, it was time for the house mates to gear up and prepare to win the luxury budget task. Implying to the luxury budget- ‘Jwalamukhi’, Bigg Boss woke the contestants with a fiery track ‘Jigar Ma BadiAag Hai’ giving them a hint of the storm that was going to hit them.This particular task will also affect the captaincy for the week.

A huge volcano was set up in the garden area, one that would spit out colorful balls. Singles and one member from each jodiwere allowed to participate in the task. Dipika, Nehha, Srishty, Karanvir, Sreesanth took part against Romil, Jasleen, Saba, Deepak and Sorabh. Surbhi and Somi were the sanchalaksof this task. Each member was given a glass box and they had to fill it with the colored balls they collected. After every gong that rang, the contestant with the least balls was eliminated. The last three survivors were given a chance to battle for the Fizz Captain of the week.

The singles and the jodis brought out their vigorous sides and battled it out like their lives depended on it. The moment the volcano burst and balls spread out, everyone surpassed limits of innocence and gave way to rivalry. From jumping into the pool to climbing on the roof, they head on to collect the maximum number of balls. The tough task was to ensure that their opposition didn’t steal from their collection. As the competition aggravated tempers, Karanvir – Romil, Srishty – Deepak and Saba-Nehha got into a brawl for trying to snatch each other’s collection.

As the jodis and singles take on each other with agitation, will they be able to save themselves and seal their position for the captaincy task? Who will be this week’s Fizz Captain?

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