Vahbiz Dorabjee Walks The Ramp For ALL

Actress Vahbiz Dorabjee has been at the forefront recently for being vocal about body positivity and the unneeded pressure that comes from society regarding one’s appearance. Vahbiz’s swimsuit pictures recently went viral as women were seen sharing that they are inspired by Vahbiz and her confidence. After having judged a fashion show recently, this time around Vahbiz is back on the ramp as she opened the show for the plus size brand All at Lakme Fashion Week. Vahbiz shares, “My journey in the industry had started as a model back in Pune and hence for me life comes back in a full circle as I walked for All. I loved being back on the ramp and I’m glad that I am on a path which not only gives me confidence but also other women out there. Lets stop living by stereotypes and rather create positive examples! This fashion show is a movement and this is just the beginning! I applaud designers like Rina Dhaka who are breaking the ‘norms’ and redefining the ramp and fashion by creating fashion for literally ‘ALL’ sizes!”

The actress walked in a white feminine and dreamy in a flared asymmetrical dress leaving us mesmerized. Vahbiz is known to be one of the most well dressed women of our industry who doesn’t shy away from showing off her curves and yet in the most elegant manner!

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