These are Adnan Khan’s dream roles

MUMBAI: Every actor has a dream role that they would like to play in life. Even the most accomplished ones have that one role they wish to perform.

businessvoip got in touch in with talented television actor Adnan Khan and asked him about his dream role. He said he would like the play the role of the main lead of Korean movie I Saw the Devil and the main character of an Iranian movie Abad Va Yek Rooz (Life and a Day).

He further stated that I Saw the Devil is similar to Badlapur and that the character he wants to play is very similar to Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s character of a serial killer. He would like to play the drug dealer from Abad Va Yek Rooz, as he feels it’s a very different and challenging role.

Well, we wish Adnan gets to play similar characters soon.

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