Sonu Sood’s ‘special visitor’ on the set of Comedy Superstar


  1. sana says:

    I am really frustrated the moment I like a show & current track especially after the leap doli a

  2. varsha-v-t-s says:

    Mistiii is having xams….
    all the best yaar…. hope evrything is Goin well 🙂

  3. DeStijl says:

    Yeah. 😀

  4. tabo says:

    Hii cute Pari 🙂

  5. ibthasam says:


  6. finusa says:

    I think its still kangana..because amaya went many times and kangana was always missing. sumitra tol

  7. prabhu says:

    i dont like theway story goes

  8. Preet says:

    Same !! Someone wanted a favour from me and was like ‘hey babe’ i told them to fuck off

  9. anda says:

    Bubbly pls dont panic….dear u know that im in my final year so i have to concentrate on studies de

  10. malika-e-zain says:

    I want them to be a real couple but I don’t think they are seeing each other

  11. Noor says:

    This is a constant phrase that comes from my mouth to my sisters loool

  12. Preet says:

    I just always threaten my class mates 🙂