Maha episode in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai


  1. sweety says:

    this part has completed right in the serial

  2. aarya says:

    Also mb ends (but the end could be more better)

  3. DeStijl says:

    It’s time I start thinking which college I want to go to. 😐

  4. ibthasam says:


  5. ibthasam says:


  6. Preet says:

    Watching movie with the sibs, when i should try to do work

  7. DeStijl says:

    Ohh! 😛

  8. muskan says:

    I feel bad for kunj,stupid twinkle can’t she think that kunj loves someone else then why would he do

  9. ibthasam says:


  10. Soni says:

    Meera is a dumb chick..She is not punishing anyone but herself.. According to spoilers Gaura and Dha

  11. Malu says:

    Nice episode

  12. MissNewsHand says:

    Dhruv Bhandari aka Mantu of Tere Sheher Mein Has Left the Show

  13. Amaica... says:

    Hello Kajal…Hope you enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

    Kris… Feeling sorry for her… Yea….t