Rocky attempts to consume ‘POISON’ in Naagin 2!

Shivangi will realize Rocky’s innocence…

Rocky is tired living in the dilemma whether his wife Shivangi is having an affair with Rudra or not.

In the upcoming episodes of Naagin 2, Rocky will reach the Shiv temple and will attempt to drink poison and end his life in order to end the curiosity. Shivangi will find out about Rocky being the innocent and him not having a hand in the murder of her mother, Shivanya. She will quickly reach the temple and will stop Rocky from drinking the poison. Rocky, will then confess of how he feels extremely embarrassed and humiliated to know that the person he loves has an affair with somebody else.

Not only that, Rocky will also question Shivangi if she knew Rudra prior to their marriage. Shivangi will hug Rocky nad convince him that she loves him.

While this continues, Yamini will be instructed by Kapalika that if she wants to see Shivangi in her real naagin avatar she will have to make her sit for a ritual at a particular temple where the naagmani is kept. Yamini takes out an excuse the Karvachauth ritual would require Shivangi and Rocky to sit for a pooja.

Shivangi will give her nod then but it will be interesting to see if Yamini can manage to get Shivangi in her naagin avatar and how does Rocky react watching his wife transform into a giant snake!

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