Kanika Kapoor of Ek Duje ke Vaaste 2 catching up with her old hobbies

Kanika Kapoor, who is currently indulging herself in various activities to polish her acting skills, but with that she is also keeping herself busy with indulging in her old hobbies such as gardening, writing and few more. Kanika Kapoor is seen essaying the role of a strong headed Suman in Sony Entertainment’s love saga Ek Duje Ke Vaste 2.

Kanika Kapoor, who is spending quality time with her family in Delhi is one of those persons who hates sitting idle, to keep herself busy she is reinventing herself. From her school days she has been writing poems, but post that she got busy in pursuing her career because of which she didn’t get much time to write poems. Not only that Kanika loves gardening and at this time she is sowing different fruits and vegetables in her kitchen garden. She believes gardening is one of those hobbies, which helps her to relax.

Kanika Kapoor said “ I am a person who loves to do gardening, it gives me a peace of mind, I am making sure I make the most of this time. I am planting different vegetables and fruits. Not only that I am also writing a lot of poems because I personally feel writing is the best form to express your feelings. In the past, I have written a lot of poems for many of my closed people and right now I am planning to write a few more.

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