Kanchi Singh gives her TAKE on Rohan Mehra hitting Om Swami in ‘Bigg Boss Season 10’..!

And she was not the only one to do so..

Things escalated to another level in ‘Bigg Boss Season 10’ where the massive Rohan Mehra-Om Swami controversy became mammoth. We recently reported about how Rohan Mehra lost his cool during a task, after Om Swami intruded in the task despite not being a participant.

This led to an ugly confrontation between the duo, where the members had to invade and stop the ‘fight’. However, this resulted in Rohan being punished by Bigg Boss as being nominated for the rest of the season and Om Swami making an emergency exit to get an MRI examination done.

As soon as this news hit the web, social media has exploded in support of Rohan Mehra, where several fans and celebrities have expressed the same.

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