Shesha, Yamini, and Madhumati transform into ‘Deadly Avatars’ and ‘THREATEN’ Shivangi in Naagin 2!

Will they be able to achieve their motive?

Shivanya is now dead and carrying forward the vengeance is Shivangi, who will be fighting for justice against the vamps – Shesha, Yamini, and Madhumati in Naagin 2 (Colors).

The upcoming episode will showcase Shesha and Yamini discovering that the Naagmani cannot be touched by anyone but Shivangi. The three vamps will then track Shivangi down so that she can help them succeed in their motive and then murder her.

The three will reach her home donning their respective avatars and will threaten Shivangi to accompany them to the cave where the Naagmani is kept and hand it over to them failing which, they will kill her sister.

A source informs, “Shivangi will agree to help them out of no option, but soon, she will learn about the powers a Naagmani holds! Will Shivangi handover the Naagmani to Yamini after knowing her strength? Let’s wait and watch!”

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