Malika gets kicked out of the house in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki!

but her evil plans are to continue and there is trouble coming!

The Rishi, Malika, and Tanuja love triangle was a really interesting one. Filled with a variety of emotions, cruel intentions, and misconceptions, the trio created some amazing drama on the show. Malika has been playing a bad game and trying to get Tanuja away from Rishi. Her selfish acts had no limits as she went to unforeseen extents to get them separated.

Now, Malika’s truth has been exposed in front of Rishi and she is in big trouble. Rishi also learns that whatever Tanuja did was because Raj told her to do it and she did it for the betterment of the Bedi family. Rishi has now decided to welcome Tanuja with open arms as his wife. Seeing this, Malika gets all the more frustrated! But that’s not the end of the drama! Rishi throws Malika out of the house once and for all, and tells her to never return!

But this isn’t the end of Malika’s deeds! Malika will emotionally blackmail Rano. Rano doesn’t know her truth and hence, is unaware of her intentions. She badmouths Tanuja to Rano and Rano gets mad at Tanuja and Rishi. She will disapprove of their wedding and she assures Malika that Tanuja will be out of the house in no time!

Will Rishi and Tanuja separate once again? Keep reading this space for more updates!

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