Malika confronts Rishi in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki!

Another drama sequence is on its way and this one is going to cause a lot of commotion!

In the upcoming episodes of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, a lot of drama will be seen in the lives of Rishi, Tanuja and Malika! Rishi and Rano have been treating Tanuja very badly. It is as if she is worthless to them. They had a belief that Tanuja is good for nothing and will spoil Rishi’s life. Biji was the one who realised Tanuja’s importance and was always by her side.

Recently, we saw Tanuja getting hit by Malika’s car. She then filed a case against Tanuja for knocking her down. Soon the issue became a major one after media got involved. Tanuja decides that it is pointless to waste time with such a case and takes it back! Malika realises that Tanuja is a good person and gets to know her real identity from Rishi. Tanuja then leaves the Bedi house.

Malika will now confront Rishi about why he was hiding this from her since such a long time. It will be fun to watch how Rishi breaks the truth to Malika!

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