Devoleena approaches PETA; files complaint AGAINST co-star Utkarsha Naik.

And all this while you thought that the blame-game drama only happens in a daily soap…!

The sets of Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya is in a state of complete pandemonium over a dog. Yes, you read it right, a dog.

Apparently, a dog named Jugnu, who has been a regular sight on the sets of the show from the past 5 years, has gone missing, which is the root cause of the tensed atmosphere. We hear that the dog, who was on the sets for last 5 years has been missing from the set. And Devoleena Bhattacharjee aka Gopi is filing acomplaint against Utkarsha Naik, who is seen playing the character of Krishna’s mother, as she thinks Utkarsha is the one responsible for missing of Jugnu.

We spoke to Devoleena, who told us, “Yes, I am filing acomplaint against Utkarsha, I think she is the one who is behind missing of Jugnu. She was the one who took Jugnu in her car. And she was very obsessive about him. I am confident that its Utkarsha who has done this thing. I am going to file acomplaint against her in Peta.”

We also spoke to Utkarsha, who told us, “I haven’t kidnapped the dog or anything,it’s a false blame that she is putting on me. Why will I do that? I mean I love dogs and I used to feed him actually. Jugnu used to come to my room because obviously, he got love and also they used to get insecure because they used to tie Jugnu and I think he doesn’t like that. Yes, that day I took him into my car as I wanted to take him to doctor for nutrition, but before taking the slot from the doctor, I wanted to get sure if he will be able to sit in my car and come with me. Before calling for theambulance, I did that, but I dropped him back at the gate.”

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