The actor had severe health complaints..

The iconic role of Lord Rama from the show, ‘Siya Ke Ram,’ has fetched actor Ashish Sharma a lot of accolades; but as we say, all of it comes with a price. Ashish has endured several obstacles while shooting for the show, where he had injuries multiple times and had other health concerns too.

And recently, according to a leading news daily, the actor had to be rushed to a hospital after arriving in Mumbai from his shoot. The reason for the same being him suffering from extreme food poisoning. Ashish mentioned that he flew back to Mumbai from Hyderabad as his family and support system are here.

After arriving here, he was informed that he had to be hospitalized as his condition had gotten worse.

Owing to this, the shoot had to be stalled for two days and Ashish totally realizes that. He mentioned that he would get back to work at the soonest, courtesy the mega war track that has just commenced.

We tried contacting Ashish, who told us that he is busy with the shoot and asked us to call later.

A good amen out of this is that Ashish has resumed shooting which certainly indicates that the actor would be much better.

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