Yo-Man’s duplicate to create trouble in SABTV’s YARO



The evil Mr. X is back in action in SABTV’s YARO!

Soon, he will find a look-alike of Yo-Man and plan to use him to spoil Yo-Man’s reputation. The duplicate Yo-Man will be given a similar costume like Yo-Man sans the powers. The plan will be to manipulate the duplicate into committing crimes and ruin the real Yo-Man’s image in the entire society.

The duplicate Yo-Man would be forced to rob ATMs, throw black powder on everyone and rob a famous painting from an art gallery. However, Yo-Man will decide to put an end to this drama.

He will confront his duplicate and try to dissuade him from doing any further damage. But the duplicate will run away and while Yo-Man would follow him, he will trick him into reaching Jehangir Art Gallery. The police in an attempt to restore sanity will arrest the real Yo-Man.

Meanwhile, Mr. X (Ajay Sharma) will continue plotting against Yo-Man by sending his trusted goon Maansingh to jail to kill Yo-Man. Maansingh will successfully reach the jail cell by surrendering to the police, and will plan to attack Yo-Man.

What will happen next? Will Maansingh succeed in killing Yo-Man?

Aniruddh Dave confirmed the above development!

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