Yeh Un Dino Ki’s lead Randeep Raii down with viral

Yeh Un Dino Ki’s charming lead Randeep Raii is impressing all the girls with his character show. Seems someone’s evil eye has struck the good looking lad.
Randeep is down with viral fever these days. Raii who plays Samir in the 90s’ based daily, is not able to shoot.
exclusively learnt that Raii has viral fever and is under the weather. Ulcers have also developed in his throat. His ulcer turned severe post a few days. Raii is unable to speak fluently due to the ulcers. Consequently, the actor has not been able to report to the set since the last two days.
We buzzed the actor to know about his health. Raii who usually sounds ecstatic seemed dull over the call.
He shared, “I’m not keeping well! I have viral fever and ulcers in my throat.” We asked him about his shoot and he further added, “I was not able to report to the set since two days, since I can’t actually say my dialogues. I’m literally resting the whole day. Now I’m feeling a little better because of the medication, so I will go for shooting from tomorrow.”
Well that sounds quite like a dedication. wishes that the lad gets well soon and gets back in health.

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