Wasim Mushtaq becomes a victim of a fraudulent incident

Railway ticket windows mostly read, “Beware of pickpockters” but how shall one beware of the pickpocketers outside. A mishap can happen anywhere and to anyone.

Our source shared with us that Wasim Muhtaq, who is currently a part of Sony TV’s Ek Rishta Saajhedari ka, became a victim of a fraudulent incident.

Shocking isn’t it? businessvoip brings it to you exclusive details about this incident.

Someone robbed Wasim’s HDFC debit card and stole a huge sum of 1 Lakh Rupees.

businessvoip got in touch with the actor to know more about it. On being asked about this incident, Wasim replied, “It happened a day prior to the New Year 2017 while I was just leaving for my trip to Dehradun. I started getting notification about the money being debited from my account. I had to cancel my trip as I had to get the card blocked and file a complaint.”

“The bank and the police were quite supportive and looked into the depth of the matter. It was a freaky event but the good part is that the bank took its time and did a proper investigation of the matter. I have received my lost money back safely in my bank account today itself,” Wasim concluded.

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