Vikas tells Priyank how many times he has mastur**ted in the Bigg Boss house

Disclaimer, this article is only for adults. Stop reading this if you are someone who grosses out for invading someone’s privacy.

Honestly, the reason why we all love the series Bigg Boss is because somewhere there’s a peeping tom hidden amongst all of us. Especially when it comes to celebrities, all our excitement to peep in their secret life escalates to another level. Bigg Boss is one show that gives us the chance to know all celebrated personalities, quite up, close and personal.

In a video that has been leaked on social media Priyank and Vikas are seen talking about slapping the monkey! Yes, you read it right. Without distinctly using the M word, Vikas and Priyank are talking about it.

It starts when Vikas was cleaning his hands in the washroom and Priyank enters. He questions Vikas indirectly about his obsession for onanism. The reason behind Priyank’s concern started since he noticed the absence of flush’s noise. Vikas reacts hysterically to Priyank’s claims.

Interestingly, Vikas does reveal the number of times he has pleasured himself since entering the house. He is heard saying, “I swear on anyone, ki jabse maine enter kia hai is ghar ke andar, tabse only one time (since the time I have entered this house, I have dont it only once).”

Later on Priyank laughs and so does Vikas.

Watch the video below and see the conversation that happened.

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