Vikas Gupta saves Shilpa Shinde from an Oops moment

Since the inception of the show Vikas and Shilpa have shared a bitter relationship. Their fights were the talk of the town and things didn’t seem to seem to go down well on either sides.
Vikas was so done with Shilpa and her accusations that he tried to run away from the house. however, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde have finally sorted out their issues and have their relationship. As strange as that may sound and look on the TV screens, it is the truth!
And the relationship has just got better since the man sacrificed his special jacket to save the actress. It was to save Shilpa from nominations during a task.
In a latest unseen video, shared by the makers of Bigg Boss 11, we can see another incident when Vikas comes to Shilpa’s rescue. While the two of them along with Puneesh were having a discussion, Shilpa was standing against the sofa. Suddenly, the actress slipped and fell over from the sofa, her legs were in the air. She panicked about her dress which could have slipped downwards towards her thighs.
When Vikas realised this, he immediately held her dress in place saving her from a wardrobe malfunction. Later, Puneesh comes and help Shilpa stand straight.
Everyone ended up making the entire scene into a mockery and they all started laughing really hard at the actress’ Thankfully, it didn’t turn into an oops moment.
Shilpa thanked both Vikas and Puneesh for saving her dignity. She also jokingly says that for this help, she is ready to do a show with Vikas. While Vikas laughs at this, Shilpa says that she would prefer a show on weekends where she is the host.

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