True love has no expectations, says Bong beauty Sonalee Chaudhuri

Kolkata: Bengali film and television actress Sonalee Chaudhuri feels that ‘love’ is a ‘beautiful feeling’ and it makes one a good human being and inspires to be optimistic.

In a Valentine’s Day special interview, when we asked Sonalee, who had a love marriage, what love to her is, she expressed beautifully, “Love is actually a feeling. It’s unconditional. How much he loves me is not important to me. I love him because I like to love him. I feel that true love is when we love someone without an expectation of being loved in return the same way.”

“Love is a beautiful feeling. When you are in love, you feel good about everything and even a normal day feels like a beautiful day. Maybe Valentine’s Day is just like any other day but still on this day it feels as if the sky is bluer in the morning, trees have produced more flowers and the flowers are truly red…the atmosphere feels so beautiful. I think love makes you a good human being and inspires to be optimistic. Love has no age and whenever we want we can feel it. Love is a sweet feeling and it is something without which we will not be able to live.”

Sadly the pretty lady won’t be able to spend quality time with her husband on Valentine’s Day as he is not in town. Sonalee shared, “My husband is not in Kolkata that’s why I won’t be able to spend the quality time that I had wanted to spend with him especially on Valentine’s Day so definitely there will be video chat and when he will be back we will definitely go for that ideal dinner.”

When asked what would be her Valentine’s Day special message for her fans, she said, “My message for my fans would be love yourself and love others because that’s the ultimate thing of your life. Your materials, your bank balance, nothing will stay with you forever. So be good to people and shower your love and affection on people as you will be remembered more for your kindness.”

On the work front, Sonalee is currently seen in Zee Bangla’s fantasy drama Saat Bhai Champa and when asked about her future project, she shared, “I am doing Sudeshnadi and Ranada’s next film.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

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