To-be-mommy Deepika Singh shares TIPS on ‘pregnancy’




Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase for a woman!

There is no other better feeling in the world than experiencing the birth of your little one, taking the baby in your arms and holding their tiny fingers.

There is one gorgeous looking actress who is feeling the same emotions. We are talking about the very talented Deepika Singh who is better known as Sandhya from Diya Aur Baati Hum. Deepika is expecting her first kid with husband Rohit Raj Goyal.

Here’s the charming actress sharing few tips for to-be-mommies on how to have a healthy baby and things that you need to take care during your pregnancy. Read on!

Before conceiving, live a healthy lifestyle

Pregnancy comes with lots of responsibilities. Bringing a child into the world is the most beautiful thing that a woman experiences in her life. Before conceiving, maintain a healthy lifestyle as this would avoid complications in your pregnancy. These days women are more sceptical and scared to get pregnant but I would just like to say that it is a beautiful phase and enjoy every moment of it.

Eat right, sleep well

Eating right and proper sleep is very important. One cannot have a hectic lifestyle running here and there and being stressful about things. Make sure you eat fruits, nuts and vegetables during this phase. Healthy lifestyle means healthy baby.

Perform yoga         

Pregnancy rules differ from one woman to another. But if you are fit enough and are advised by your doctors, perform yoga and go for half an hour walk in the morning and evening. Performing yoga helps you in your breathing exercise and makes you stay calm.

Read books

Read books to know minute details on pregnancy. It will help to gain knowledge and bring more confidence. Also reading spiritual books and praying brings positivity in you.

Stay happy

The most important aspect of pregnancy is to stay happy. Worrying gives you no solution. The baby connects to their mom; so if you are sad the kid will also get sad. If you are happy the baby will also be cheerful.

Explore your hobbies

If you like painting, weaving or any other kind of art then indulge in it. Anything that you enjoy doing, you must go ahead with it.

Avoid excessive travelling

Usually for the first three months, doctor advices to avoid travelling and in the later stage of pregnancy, you are asked to avoid extreme travelling for the safety of the baby.

Wear comfortable clothes

Wear clothes which makes you feel comfortable. These days’ women have lot of option to wear. If you are fine with showing off your baby bump, wear cute dresses and if not, wear lose kurti and salwar kameez.

Have a blissful phase, Deepika!! 

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