Tinaa Dattaa is an avid ‘book-reader’… we tell you why…

Reading books and to gain knowledge is a never-ending process and is one way to keep your inner mind relaxed and calm.

For actress Tinaa Dattaa, her book reading habit gives her an insight into life. She happens to be an avid book reader, and is usually spotted when there is a book fair!!

Recently, Tinaa enjoyed attending the book fair in Kolkata wherein she was spotted coming out with a huge bag full of books.

Wow!! You will be encouraged to read books, if you see this picture of Tinaa!!

When we caught up with Tinaa, she expressed her views. “I love attending book fairs and now that I am in Kolkata, home is where the heart is. I like reading the life related books. I want to read the biography of Karan Johar, Satyajit Ray and Durjoy Dutta’s books.”

In addition to the novels, Tinaa also loves reading comics. “Since I enjoy reading the kids’ books, I bought Tinkle Collections as well.”

Tinaa further says, “Book reading enhances mind and thoughts. I like to read non-fiction more than fiction. I have a pal who inspires me to read all the time.”

Ask her about her comeback vehicle on TV, and she states “I am looking for a right soap. I want to do author-backed roles with a variety of content being made.”
Aww!! Certainly Tinaa, there’s no better way than reading to derive happiness!!
Way to go!!

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