This is how Mauli will cope with infidelity

Mauli’s life seemed to be perfect. She had a wonderful husband Kunal and a dotting best friend Nandini. But what happens when two of the most significant people in Mauli’s life enter into a relationship jeopardising her marriage. It’s that horror, which Mauli never anticipated and her life crumbled like a cookie. But nothing is permanent, and this shall pass too.

Here are a few tips that we recommend to Mauli, which will help her to get out of this whirlpool of emotions:

Check your motives for meeting the other woman/ another man.

If it’s for revenge, to tell them off, expecting an apology or something else harmful, do not go?

But if you can honestly say your motives are pure, for something good, for healing, then you’ve overcome the first hurdle.

Next, you need to play out this meeting in your head and imagine the worst possible behaviour from them. If you can visualise yourself responding in a manner that you would feel proud of.

For many meeting, the other woman/other man is not only healing, but it’s also empowering. Face your fear, and you no longer need to be fearful.

If my spouse cheats with a close friend, what should I do with all my photo albums full of pictures of the other person?

Put them away for now. These are triggers for you. They are like rubbing salt in your wound.

Once you are completely healed from infidelity, it will no longer bother you to look at them. You may still decide to discard some of them, but it’s best to make such a decision from a healed place, not while you’re in the midst of all the emotions.

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