“There’s a soul behind b**bs!”: Shama Sikander; Slams trollers for body shaming

TV actress Shama Sikander is known for her staunch opinions and is one of those rare actresses who put it out quite effectively. In a recent event, when the beautiful actress was in Australia enjoying her travel escapade, her Instagram account was ornate with her exquisite travel diaries. However, things turned sour soon when her pictures started receiving cheap comments. Shama, who made her TV debut with Yeh Meri Life Hai (2003), was body shamed on her pictures. The lady took it in her hands to hit back at the trollers.

In a rather sensational post on her account, Shama thrashed the trollers. The same post also garnered much appreciation for her.

businessvoip connected with the 38-year-old actress to talk about the whole body shaming fiasco. In an exclusive tete-a-tete, Shama gave a befitting reply to all the haters. She spoke about her thoughts on the herd mentality and how cyber bullying can also lead to drastic scenarios like suicide.

Excerpts of the interview are as followed:

Ask the chirpy lady what prompted her to publish the bold post and she smiles elegantly. “It actually was meant in a jest. I was in Australia enjoying, and usually I don’t read comments but I was just reading them. See, we are humans after all, so it hurts. When people say these mean things it hurts. So, I thought of making fun of them through the post,” she starts.

She further adds, “Just because you have the option to comment, will you comment anything? You want to objectify my body? You want to objectify if they are big or small? You need to understand that there’s somebody behind those boobs, there’s a soul behind boobs! It shows your mentality, what you say about others, says about you. I’m not sad about it. I just wanted to hit back in a positive way and tell them, they (breasts) are mine, so you relax.” She pauses and continues, “If you want to admire something, do it, if you don’t want, then don’t. Just because you can comment, you don’t have to write anything cheap. It’s like I’m inviting you in my house and then you throw stones at my place only.”

Interestingly to troll the trollers body shaming her, Shama posted a picture in bikini. She says, “People say that if you are wearing a bikini, you are inviting people to criticize you. That is very sad in our country. What else do you wear on the beach? You want me to wear burqa on the beach? And why must I do that? Even if I want to go nude on the beach I can do that, it’s my body and my right. You don’t like it then don’t see it.”

“In India we don’t have a beach culture; people are not used to see women in bikini. I don’t know how they will react if they see someone nude. I was in Bontay beach in Australia, chilling and wearing a bikini comparatively less exposing. Subsequently, I see group of Indian boys – bewildered, staring at women in bikini. They don’t even realize how creepily they were ogling. I don’t want to demean them, but they are not used to it. I’m just bringing this to everyone’s attention. Even if you have to go in your building’s swimming pool you have to think 10 times what to wear. I think it’s time to move on and be okay with our bodies. We are born nude; of course I’m not saying that you go nude and walk, unless you want to. I mean they are just breast, chill, they are just body parts,” she explains.

The lady has been quite vocal about her journey – her stint with depression. While these comments won’t hurt the strong willed Shama, they might be devastating for others. “People do get depressed reading such comments. And honestly, it’s disheartening and soul breaking. People don’t realize it. I just want to say to everyone that don’t give a damn. People say what they want to; they even have things to talk about God.”

“You can have an opinion but don’t impose your opinions on others. Whatever you are saying just feel the responsibility. Your words can harm somebody; your words can make people commit suicide. We are also human; we also have soul which can get hurt,” Shama concludes.

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