Tenali Rama to solve his next ‘stupid’ task!

SAB TV’s epic show Tenali Rama (Contiloe) has proved that intelligence and presence of mind can be used deftly to solve any problem or to deal with any demanding situation.
Tenali, who has the perfect blend of wit and brains, can handle any tricky situation smartly and the audiences will learning something from it as well.
Similarly, this time as well Tenali will be given a tricky task by Krishnadevaraya (Manav Gohil) to test Tenali’s intelligence.
In the coming episode, Krishnadevaraya will ask Tenali to look for stupid and dumb people and bring them in the darbaar.
Hence, Tenali will go on a search and will think that his mom Laxmi (Nimisha Vakharia), wife Sharda (Priyamvada Kant) and Gundappa (Deepak Dutt) are dumb people because they always come up with stupid ideas.
When Laxmi, Sharda and Gundappa will learn about it, they will decide to prove their smartness to Tenali.
How Tenali will solve this task and will Laxmi, Sharda and Gundappa succeed in proving their intelligence?
We buzzed actors but they remained busy shooting.

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