Svetlana to find out Chulbul’s reality in Dil Bole Oberoi

While Chulbul Pandey is a ‘dabbang’ in movies, our cute little Chulbul (Shrenu Parikh) entertains us on TV through Star Plus’ Dil Bole Oberoi (Four Lions).

Gauri, who has taken Chulbul’s identity, in order to stay close to Omakara (Kunal Jaisingh), has left us amazed with her naughtiness and intelligence.

As we reported last, Omkara and Chulbul will manage to get through Svetlana’s (Reyhna Malhotra) real identity and get to know that the real Svetlana is missing. And the one staying with them is a fake.

Now, tables will turn and seeing Chulbul spend so much time with Omkara, Svetlana will get suspicious and try to find out the deception.

Shares a source, “Svetlana will eavesdrop on Chulbil-Omkara’s conversation and realise that the two are together plotting against her. Aghast with being double-crossed, she will confront Chulbul.”

Shocked at being questioned about, Chulbul aka Gauri will fumble but wisdom will pop on time and she will manage to cover up the situation. She will also convince Svetlana that she is on her side than Omkara.

Will Chulbul manage to keep Svetlana at bay? Will the evil woman create more troubles for Gauri and Omkara?
We could not reach the actors for a comment.

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