Srishti faces domestic violence; decides to give it back in Agnifera

The &TV soap Agnifera seems to be getting interesting day by day.

Ayyaz Ahmed has recently joined the cast of the show and the story has a flow to fall for.

Baiju (Ayyaz) and Srishti (Simran Kaur) are now in matrimony and the former will now be seen scaring the living daylights out of Srishti by confiding that he looks forward to spend the wedding night with her.

However, as expected, this will only be a threat coming from Baiju. The next morning, Srishti will be seen sleeping on the floor to avoid any physical contact and it is here that the rough Vaijayanti and Baiju will throw water on her to wake her up. Not only that, they will make her slog and do all the household work and will threaten her not to put a word against them to anyone.

And now, the drama will begin as Srishti will decide to give it back to the family!

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