Shubhangi Atre: It is important to be strict with ourselves right now

Shubhangi Atre is leaving no stone unturned to practice self-quarantine during the nationwide lockdown. However, she has ensured that she is not idle during this phase of self-isolation. The actress says, ‘I have become a full-time chef and I make sure to have a balanced diet, comprising vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. For fitness, we do yoga, meditation, skipping, squats, lunges, stretching and Surya Namaskar.’

But all work and no play is no fun. So, Shubhangi is watching her favourite movies and pursuing other hobbies as well. She shares, ‘We — my hubby Piyush, daughter Aashi and me — are spending time watching movies, listening to songs, cooking and reading. We also make sure to spend quality time together by playing games like Tambola, cards, and housie.’

She adds, ‘I would like to tell people to keep themselves occupied in order to avoid boredom from setting in. If nothing else, please watch Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai! It’s a good stress-buster.’

‘I am definitely missing my shoot and everyone from my unit. I am sure things will be fine soon and we will get back to our normal lives. But for that, it is very important to spend these 21 days at home in self-isolation. The measures taken by our government are very important and people should follow them strictly because it is about our life and everyone else’s safety, too. In times like these, it is important to be strict because we need to break the chain of spreading the disease, and lockdown seems like the best solution, she concludes.

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