Shruti Seth to turn ‘sanskari’ bahu in TV, Biwi aur Main

SAB TV’s comedy drama TV, Biwi aur Main (Shashi Sumeet Productions) will soon have its lead actress Shruti Seth going sanskari way on the show.
Yes, after husband Rajeev (Karan Veer Mehra) managed to convince Priya (Shruti) to play vamp role in his TV soap Bindiya, Shringar Ek Suhagan Ka, Priya will now turn a sanskari bahu.
As per the plot, Priya will try to follow the footsteps of a Sanskari Bahu like Bindiya in TV, Biwi aur Main. She will act like an ideal and Sanskari Bahu (in Saree) at home and will also try to impress her mother-in-law Amma.
As we know Priya and Amma share love-hate relation but will Priya succeed in impressing Amma?
We reached out to Shruti but she remained unavailable to comment.

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