Shilpa’s mother feels, her daughter might win the show

Actor Shilpa Shinde got a chance to meet her mother in the Bigg Boss House. The actor has been winning hearts in the Bigg Boss house and this has not gone unnoticed by her fans. A proud mother, Geeta Shinde was ecstatic after meeting her daughter. “It was as if I entered my daughter’s home. The house is undoubtedly beautiful and so is everyone else in the house. No hard feeling for everyone as after all they are playing a game,” she says.
The actor also got some advice from her mother. “I only said that she is doing superb and advised her to keep up the good work and keep rocking,” she says.
While her mother feels that her daughter’s chances of winning the show are “very bright”, she does get emotional at times. “She is fearless and strong hearted, but equally emotional and gets carried away with anything. People might take her for a ride due to such nature,” she says.
There are a few people who can challenge Shilpa for the winning title, feels her mother. “At this stage of the game, everyone is tough to compete with. But Vikas and Hina are the toughest,” she says.
While Shilpa is busy feeding everyone in the house, her mother remembers what she likes to eat. “Almost everything but, she is very fond of seafood and loves to eat Crab which I make. She also loves ‘Gulpoli'(Maharashtrian sweet delicacy, a type of roti made of wheat and jaggery),” she says.

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