Sasural Simar Ka: The Sasural finally returns to Simar as she re-unites with Prem!

Mataji happy as Prem and Simar reconcile their relationship…

Prem and Simar have been facing a lot of troubles in their marriage and family life in Sasural Simar Ka on Colors.

The fight for peace was sometimes with the ill-wishing family members or the supernatural forces and each time Simar fought the negative forces and emerged stronger than before. And now, the time has come when Prem and Simar will reconcile their relationship – once again!

Mataji is extremely happy and prays to God about keeping the love and unity between Prem and Simar always. The other family members have not been informed about this development as of now. Mataji will now be seen making ‘prasad’ and will make the couple serve it to God.

Simar has finally returned to her Sasural, after a lot of melodrama. Will she be able to savor it for life?

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