Ridheema Tiwari visits art gallery to encourage her art director Sumit Mishra

Some one said it well that, ” Painting is a silent poetry, and poetry is the painating that speaks.”
Sumit Mishra who is the art director of Life OK’s show Ghulaam Ghulaam organised an art exhibition at Jangir art gallery in Mumbai.
Ridheema Tiwari who is essaying the role of Maldawali in Life OK’s show Ghulaam took time out from her busy schedule to encourage her art director and visited the exhibition.
Ridheema Tiwari’s quote “I have always connected well wth art and creativity..but Mishraji’s work I interpret so well.Tue reason is that I relate to it..One who understands his creations will know him completely..because he communicates through his art. I m extremely blessed to know him as a person and an artist. I am extremely sensitive, receptive towards art and artists and two of his paintings even shook me from within. Exhibiting work at Jahangir Art Gallery itself is such an honor…and Mr.Mishra who s such a humble man..makes me feel so incomplete at times…because in this one life itself he s indulging into such meaningful zone.”
Saurabh Tiwari and Rahil Qazi the producers of the show were also present for the event.

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