Read to know about Alivia Sarkar’s musical love story

These days actress Alivia Sarkar is blushing a lot!
And why not?
After all love is in the air…
Well, the actress, who earlier acted in Jhanj Lobongo Phool and currently seen in Milon Tithi, is in a relationship and she shared this happy news on Facebook.
When buzzed Alivia to know more about the lucky guy and her love story, she shared, “Actually, I don’t want to disclose his name right now. I have been through a lot in the past. He used to be my friend. He is aware of my ups and downs, my worst side…everything. However, in between we were not in touch and suddenly after three years he popped out and came back into my life. I was lost before and had a black and white life, he coloured my life beautifully… I wish to disclose the name soon.”
When asked if she has started believing in love again, she said, “At first I was very insecure but now I believe that I was stupid. He supports me like anything. Maybe the friendship is helping it. I spent four hopeless years, made myself so busy that loneliness didn’t hamper me. I was happily single and decided not to fall for anyone ever. I thought love is fake. But the unexpected magic happened. I started believing once again. Life never stops for anyone; it will go on with the destined person. However, wondering about future, sometimes, I do feel insecure but he never gives up…his support towards me is unexplainable.”
So, who said the three magical words (I love you) first? The blushing beauty replied with a smile, “Truly speaking, no one has yet. In that way, it’s very funny to behave like typical lovers when you guys are long term friends. He first dedicated me the song of Aslam “Hogayi hai mohabbat tumse”. And I too replied with a song “tu thodi der aur therr jaa” from half girlfriend. We are very musical.”

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