Puberty hits Karan Patel!

MUMBAI: We all have undergone puberty: those first crushes, first dates, first ever love letter written, and the worst of all, a pimple that pops up at the last minute while your date is waiting for you.

Star Plus’ popular daily Ye Hai Mohabbatein starring Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel is indeed one of the most loved shows on the television. Karan plays Raman Bhalla in the show. He along with his wife Ankita Bhargava and co-star Anita Hassnandani aka Shagun from the show is currently abroad.

Anita is also with her better half. In a recent post shared by her, Karan is seen with a prominent pimple, and the duo is seen kidding about puberty hitting Karan at this age.

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