Promo of The Kapil Sharma Show released!

Kapil Sharma is grabbing the headlines these days, as he will be making his comeback on television and is getting married soon.

The channel released the promo of the upcoming show today. It marks an important moment for Kapil, as he went down an emotional spiral a few months ago. Kapil has come emerged stronger from that bitter experience.

Kapil’s story is a classic case of a small-town man trying his luck in Mumbai and being successful. However, the news of him becoming overconfident and arrogant, among various other issues, soon followed, which led to the downfall.

The comedian then took a much-needed sabbatical from work and social media and is now back to prove himself yet again to his fans. The promo very well highlights the whole idea behind all of Kapil’s shows: to bring the family together and entertain them with clean comedy.

The promo also stresses the fact that it is laughter that brings one and all together, irrespective of class, cast, and creed. Kapil seems to have made a conscious effort to clean his act and is determined to make a successful comeback to the television scene.

We simply cannot wait for the show to go on-air as soon as possible. Here’s wishing Kapil a smashing television comeback.

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