Positive character is very easy to portray: Debjani Chattopadhyay

Debjani Chattopadhyay is a well-known Bengali actress. She was recently seen essaying a key role in the film Durga Sohay, helmed by Arindam Sil. The talented actress is currently a part of two popular dailies namely Jarowar Jhumko and Khokababu. Both the shows feature her in prominent roles. The former shows her in a negative role whereas in the latter she is playing a positive role.Jarowar Jhumko recently completed a year and the team celebrated the occasion in style by cutting a yummy cake and gorging on sumptuous dishes.
was present at the occasion and in a chat with us, the actress talked about her role, film offers, Durga Puja plans and more. Excerpts:
Are you satisfied with the way your character, Gini Roy, has shaped up in the serial Jarowar Jhumko?
The character of Gini Roy has lots of layers. It’s not that it is an out and out negative character. In the serial, she is against Jhumko (Sweta Bhattacharya) but not other family members. She feels that Jhumko is talented than her and in the back of mind she admires her. She behaves in that way with her because may be somewhere she is insecure about losing her position in the family. Those who are following Jarowar Jhumko since the beginning would know that Gini is not a negative character completely. She shows her emotional sides as well. She has a history. As there are lots of layers in the character, I am enjoying every bit of it. I am very much satisfied with the graph of this character. Gini Roy is different from the villains of other mega serials.
Do you think such a character exists in real life?
See, nobody is bad since birth. It’s the environment and situation that influences a person to behave in a certain way. For example, there is a reason why Gini Roy behaves in that way. She is obsessed about jewellery because she connects with it emotionally. It is everything to her…love, happiness, everything…. In the serial, jewellery is also a character.

You are also playing a prominent role in Khokababu and here your character is positive. How do you manage to portray two completely different roles at the same time?
May be it’s the practice that is helping me to essay the characters. Both the characters are dimensionally opposite and I am enjoying both the roles.
After pack up, when you go back to your home, which character stays with you the most?
Of course, Gini Roy…may be because of the varied layers the character has. Positive character is very easy to portray. In Khokababu, I am playing the role of a mother. Since it’s a positive flat character, I know what I have to do but in Jarowar Jhumko, I have to act differently in every scene. That’s why Gini Roy is very close to my heart.
You have been in the industry for a long time. After earning so much experience in acting, do you ever share your inputs with your producer or director?
Yes, I share when I am not very sure about the interpretation of a scene. I discuss with Snehasishda (producer of the two serials). I also discuss with our director, Bappada (director of Jarowar Jhumko).
With whom do you bond the most on set?
I get along well with everyone. The junior actors are very sweet. Though they are very young, I sometimes have fun with them. I also hang out with Kanchana (Moitra), Kushal (Chakraborty). There is no one in particular with whom I bond the most. I always try to maintain a cordial bonding with everyone.

What about your film plans?
I do not have any film offers as such. I will do one short film after Durga Puja. I have done a film called ‘The 6th Element’ which was selected at Festival De Cannes. I am doing a film with Arjun, who was the director of ‘The 6th Element’ but I cannot reveal more about it now. All I can say is that it’s about mother-son relationship. We will probably shoot in November.
Durga Puja is knocking on the door. What are your plans for this year?
I don’t have any plans. I like to celebrate it in an unplanned way. Sudden plans with friends make me happy. I never leave Kolkata during Durga Puja and I hope that I will maintain this tradition in future as well.
Your character in Jarowar Jhumko is obsessed about jewellery. Tell us is there any particular jewellery that you will be trying out this Pujo?
This year I am planning to try nakchabi (nose pin). Earlier, I had this notion that I won’t look good in a nakchabi but after portraying the character of Gini Roy I have realized that it suits me. So, this year, I will try big nakchabi.

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