Physicality always played a huge role in my career- Mrunal Jain

And we sure can see it too!!

Fans of the good looking hunk Mrunal Jain have been getting a treat off late. The reason being that Mrunal is seen in a double role, in Yash Patnaik’s superhero show, ‘Nagarjun – Ek Yoddha’. When asked about his experience in playing the dual role, Mrunal says, “It has been more than 8 months that I am doing Nagarjuna and the whole time has been so full of fun and learning. I feel blessed to portray two roles on TV at the same time. Indian television is dominated by female protagonists, so getting two roles in a show is a very big thing and it satisfies my creativity.”

Mrunal reveals another facet of playing a double role which makes his work interesting. He says, “I enjoy playing both Rajveer and Shankachurna’s. Also, the outfit that I wear is something that has never been seen before on Indian television. It makes me stand out onscreen.”

The actor, who has matured as a person over the years, credits the roles he has portrayed in enabling his emotional growth. “Playing complex characters actually helps me bring out the personality on-screen and off-screen, both.

When it comes to Shankachurna, he is a bare chested guy. So you need a good body to carry that kind of attire. I am maintaining my body for that look. Physicality always played a huge role in my career.”

And what about the best compliment he got for his physique? “The best compliment I got was recently when someone told me ‘You look like a Bollywood hero. My fans also say so!” he smiles.

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