Pakistani actors must speak up against terrorism, says Producer Ashwni Dhir

Mumbai: Filmmaker Ashwni Dhir says he is not against the idea of casting Pakistani talent in Indian projects, but feels they should speak about the issues creating tensions between the two countries.

Dhir finds it weird that there are debates whether Pakistani artistes should be allowed to work in Bollywood or not.

“I feel very weird about these bans. If you want to ban something, ban the air and the water that comes from outside of the country. That can be more infectious than the people,” Dhir told IANS.

“I am not for or against the idea of a ban. If I am given an option, I would prefer Indian actors to act in my film. But if I think that a particular Pakistani actor is really good, is not against Indian integrity and wants to speak for the truth, I have no issues casting him,” he added.

There were calls to ban Pakistani talent from working in the Hindi film industry in 2016 when cross-border India-Pakistan tension spilled over into the entertainment world. Some Indian political outfits imposed a ban on Pakistanis and a few Pakistani theatres pulled down Indian movies from their big screens. The ban came after the 18 September terror attack that killed 19 Indian soldiers in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir.

The issue resurfaced last month when Union Minister Babul Supriyo said that Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice in the song Ishtehaar in the Bollywood film Welcome to New York must be dubbed by someone else. Supriyo also demanded a temporary ban on Pakistani artistes in Bollywood.

Dhir said he strongly believes Pakistani artistes must oppose terrorist attacks instead of keeping quiet.

“Be it any country, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan or the US, you should speak up about it. Other than this, I do not have any issues with Pakistani actors… We should think bigger and do bigger things in life and grow,” he said.

Dhir is known for directing Son of Sardaar, Guest in London and One Two Three. He has also produced well-known shows like Chidiya Ghar and Lapataganj.

He has created, written and directed the Star Plus show Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai, about a corrupt and funny politician in his madcap world.

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