Old age home in trouble in Aakash Aath’s Briddhasram

Kolkata: It’s ‘tension’ time in Aakash Aath’s Amar Thhikana Tai Briddhasram as ‘Shesher Kobita’ is in trouble.

Yes, the old age home is in trouble and its residents are clueless whether they will be able to save their ‘Shesher Kobita’ or not. Now read on to know what will happen next-

According to our source, in the coming episode, Jashoda (Lily Chakraborty) will call her son Aakash (Rajib Bose) to meet her alone at the ashram. Upon knowing this, Roshni (Anwesha Hazra) would want to know what made her call Aakash.

So, is Jashoda planning to return home?

Next, Roshni will start studying law. She will start her research to know about the Act through which she will be able to save the old age home, ‘Shesher Kobita’. She will also take help from internet.

Will Roshni’s hard work help her to save the old age home? And why did Jashoda ask her son to meet her alone? The upcoming episodes will unfold all the answers.

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