Negative and positive roles can’t be compared: Karam Rajpal

The good looking and talented actor Karam Rajpal, who is currently creating havoc as Vidyut in the lives of Neil (Zain Imam) and Avni (Aditi Rathore) in Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada’s popular daily Naamkarann, is enjoying his stint with the show.
The actor, who has portrayed positive roles in his previous shows, is getting appreciated for the negative role that he is playing in Naamkarann.
In a candid conversation with, Karam spoke about his experience of playing an antagonist.
He shared with us, “The experience of playing a negative role has been very nice so far. It’s like having a dessert after a good dinner. I am loving all the appreciation messages that I have received from the fans. I haven’t got any hate mail at all.”
Having portrayed positive as well as negative characters, we wonder what interests Karam the more as an actor. He commented, “Both positive and negative characters have their own charm. So we cannot compare the two with each other. However, you get to enact a lot while playing a negative role than a positive one. If a positive character has 10 shades then a negative would have 100 shades. So performing a negative character is like one of the amazing things for me. Positive characters are restricted. You can’t go out of a limited graph.”
We also asked Karam about the role which is in his wish list as an actor. He said, “I would love to play a character similar to Joker from The Dark Knight.”
Keep up the good work, Karam!

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