Namik Paul to romance Lisa Haydon in the upcoming episode of The Trip

And some sparks to follow!

Bindass’ current fiction series, The Trip, has become a hot fav among the youth since the first episode. It’s an exciting coming of age journey of four young (girl) friends, who are completely different from each other. There’s the feisty, extrovert, jugaadu and wild Shonali; the to-be-bride, smart, articulate and gullible Ananya; the bride’s best friend, spiritual, ambitious, opinionated Sanjana; the funniest, outgoing, loud, yet sensitive bully of the group, Nazia. With such a diverse bunch stuck together on a long journey, sparks are sure to fly.

Now, to add to the spark and double the audience’s excitement, television heartthrob, Namik Paul, makes an entry in the fun series. The handsome actor plays a musician, Adil, who has had a romantic past with Shonali (character played by Lisa Haydon).

It’s in the third episode, Shonali comes face-to-face with Adil. During the road trip, the girls stop at a farmhouse owned by Nazia (character played by Mallika Dua) to revisit old memories. When they arrive at the farmhouse, they realize that Nazia’s cousin brother, Adil, is already hosting a party. The girls mingle with the guests, meanwhile, Shonali and Adil instantly rekindle their chemistry, discuss music and get closer than before.
Do they get too close for comfort? Does their sizzling chemistry evoke forbidden and unfulfilled desires? Watch the episode to find out more.

The third Episode of The Trip goes online this Thursday at 7:00pm, on bindass’ Facebook page. Don’t miss out on this episode!

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