MTV Big F Season 2 gives voice to sexual molestation victims

Sexual molestation is defined as the undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another wherein the offender is referred to as a sexual molester. It is unnerving that victims still come into social contact with their molesters who often get off scot- free. MTV Big F Season 2 uncovers the painful story of a young and free- spirited 18 year old girl, Diya, whose life takes a turn when she visits her uncle for a vacation and is sexually molested by him.
Diya, played by Ahsaas Channa, is an orphaned child who is optimistic and full of life until she visits her relatives for her summer break. Diya, like any other teenager has a crush on her hot literature professor, played by Shubhashish Jha, however, her life takes her by surprise when she visits her uncle for her summer break. Will Diya be able to gather the courage to revolt against her uncle? Or will age old prejudices suppress her from revealing the truth?
Through Diya’s story MTV Big F wants to convey the message that we need to empower the abused and turn the perpetrators into repositories of shame, even if they are family members.

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