Mohit Raina praises General Shergill for training them for ‘21 Sarfarosh…’

Mumbai: Recently, audience got a new channel called Discovery Jeet. The channel was launched mid February with some out of the box concepts like biopic of Ramdev, an auto rickshaw driver’s struggle to save his dying daughter and the rise of rappers in the country among others. Another must watch show of the channel is 21 Sarfarosh: 1897 Saragarhi.

21 Sarfarosh: 1897 Saragarhi is the story of 21 valiant soldiers, who fought more than 10,000 Afghan intruders to protect their motherland. It features Mohit Raina as Havildar Ishar Singh, the man who led his army in the battle. Ex. Lt. General Tejinder Singh Shergill played an important role in training and making Mohit and the other actors step into the shoes of those soldiers for the show.

Speaking about the contribution of Tejinder Singh Shergill, Mohit said, “It was an honour to work under the guidance of General Tejinder Singh Shergill for the show. He helped us familiarize with all the rules and regulations that are followed by army personnel, and helped us to get the correct body language and know about the aesthetics and army discipline. It was a wonderful experience, as I have always wished to join the armed force.”

General Shergill said, “Every artist has to sync himself in to get into the skin and mind of the character he is portraying, all he has to do is to put in the uniform to understand the depth of the sacrifice made by those who lost their life for us and he would end up portraying the role in the best possible way.”

“And it wasn’t that difficult for actors to enact the character as they underwent the training in a skillful way. Most of them had formed the basic idea of the body language of a military man by following movies and other shows,” he added.

When asked what was going on in his mind when he came to know that Abhimanyu Singh of Contiloe Productions and Discovery Jeet was coming up with the show, General Shergill shared, “It’s a family affair as Abhimanyu’s father and I were together in National Defense Academy and there is a lot to our family history and topics like 21 Sarfarosh: 1897 Saragarhi is a matter of round table discussion.”

“I am proud that we are making shows on realistic incidents and the audience is keen to know more about such stories,” he signed off.

21 Sarfarosh: 1897 Saragarhi is getting great reviews from the audience and businessvoip wishes all the luck to the makers of the show. Keep up the good work, guys!

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