Love is in the air on Renault MTV Roadies Rising

Isn’t every episode of Renault MTV Roadies Rising full of surprises? Sometimes pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant! Viewers are going to witness one similar surprise in the upcoming episode, although a pleasant one.

During the vote out, Gaelyn noticed that Meenal from Prince’s gang looked visibly upset. When asked, Meenal owned up saying she was crying earlier because she was a little apprehensive that Aggy from Rannvijay’s team might get eliminated. She stated, “When I was in the danger zone, he fought with his gang to save me. I have done the same today. I am hoping for the best”. At that, Aggy came forward and assured her that whatever will happen, will happen for the best and he will always be there for her, in the show and even after the show.

Everyone couldn’t help but smile at this cutesy exchange between the two rival gang members. The endearing hug between them makes us think that cupid has finally struck gang members on Renault MTV Roadies Rising. Is this the beginning of a budding romance on Renault MTV Roadies Rising?

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