Lord Vishnu to KILL Rahu in Colors’ Mahakaali

Swastik Productions’ popular mythological drama Mahakali that airs on Colors, is set to unfold some major drama in the coming episodes.
In the recent episodes of the series, the viewers are aware of the Samundra Manthan which is happening.
Now, we hear the series will further unfold some major twist in the upcoming tracks . Read on –
Our source informs us that, in the upcoming episodes of the show, the viewers will witness that the Halahal vish (poison) will come out of the manthan and the very moment Parvati (Pooja Sharma) will decide to save the world from Halahal, Mahadev (Sourabh Raaj Jain) will stop her and swallow up all the poison. Parvati will further transform into Tara Maata to save Mahadev from the poison.
Further, the asuras will run away with the amrit that will become a matter of worry to the devtas as after consuming the amrit, the asuras will become amar and overpower them. The devtas will further ask lord Vishnu (Kanan Malhotra) to help who will later take an avatar of Mohini to save the asuras from drinking the amrit.
Rahu will further try to drink the amrit but lord Vishnu will cut his throat with the Sudarshan Chakra and kill him.
We tried reaching out to the actors but they remained busy shooting.

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