Kishori Shahane Vij is all set for Gudi Padwa this year

MUMABAI: ctor Kishori Shahane Vij is geared up to celebrate Gudi Padwa. The actor says that the festival holds a lot of significance for him. “According to the Hindu calendar, there are three and a half good omen on which good things are done. For example, you purchase a car, house or any new thing. Gudi Padva is the New Year for Maharashtrians, according to the Hindu calendar. The mythological reason for celebrating Gudi Padwa is that Lord Ram had returned back from Vansvas to Ayodhya and in that celebration, everybody had put Gudis outside their house to welcome him. That’s how people started celebrating Gudi Padwa,” she says.

Talking about how she celebrates the festival, Kishori says, “I celebrate Gudi Padwa every year, it is a big festival for us. I put a Gudi outside my house with flower garlands, mango and neem leaves, topped with an upturned silver or copper vessel nicely draped in a sari. We even wear new clothes on that day and mark the significance of a good omen, so all good things begin with Gudi Padva.”

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