Kangana Ranaut said yes for a Blind Date!



And she said Yes! This statement is a dream of every man who wishes to hear a yes from the woman of his dreams. Such was a moment that was captured on the sets of The Voice India Season 2 while the shows much loved blue eyed boy Niyam Kanungo got a chance to make his dream come true. Recently Bollywood’s elegant beauty Kangana Ranaut along with Shahid Kapoor were seen on the sets of the show to promote their upcoming movie Rangoon.

After a power packed performance and taking the coaches and audience by storm, the hosts decided to surprise Niyam as an appreciation of his performance. Unknown to what was coming his way Niyam was told that a blind date was in offing for him! Taken aback and being as shy as he could be Niyam became nervous and apprehensive as he has never been on a blind date in his entire life.

What’s more surprising is that his date also did not know what was in store for her! You guessed it right; his date was none other than the beautiful Kangana Ranaut!

With the blind fold opened and and Niyam saw Kangana in front of him, his joy knew no bounds and couldn’t stop blushing. In fact he even went down on his knee and gave her a rose which she happily accepted it with a yes.

Kangana mentioned, “He is lying if he says he has never been on a date, because he was so perfect”

When spoken to Niyam he said, “It was an unexpected moment and surely the most memorable one. Never in my wildest dream would I have ever imagined going on a blind date with Kangana Maam. I really had an awesome time”

The show airs every Sat-Sun at 9pm.

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